Does Two Deictic System Occur in Three –Way System of Demonstrative? A Case in Sasak Language

Sutarman, Sutarman and Abdussamad, Zainudin and Supatmiwati, Diah and Muhid, Abdul and Suktiningsih, Wiya Does Two Deictic System Occur in Three –Way System of Demonstrative? A Case in Sasak Language. LINGUISTICA ANTVERPIENSIA. ISSN 0304-2294

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This paper aims at studying the phenomenon of two deictic system used within the three-way system of demonstratives in Sasak language. The data were collected via participation observation and interview. The instrument used is the questionnaire on demonstratives developed by, Eric & David Wilkins (1996). The data are analyzed via interactive model which consists of three steps- data reduction, data display and data verification. This study results that two deictic system of demonstratives is used in the noble language of Sasak language and particular areas in north Lombok; this case is the result of demonstrative accommodation of the neighboring dialect. The distal concept of honorific demonstrative, furthermore, covers the concept of medial and distal one in common demonstratives. Syntactically, honorific demonstratives in Sasak language has five types, namely, pronominal, adnominal, identificational, locational and verbal. These syntactic categorizations are significantly different compared to the common Sasak demonstratives.

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